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We as the admins of this group made this group to share our love of this shipping and we hope many others will share this love with us to:)




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Pokeshipping Week 2016 Day 4
Pokèshipping Week 2016
Day 4: Caught in the Rain

Springtime. A glorious period in the year where the world blooms anew again. A collective casting off of the cold of winter. A time when the vigor of nature returns and along with it young hearts grow aflutter.
But for Ash and Misty it meant so much more than that. Usually with the bringing of the spring comes a wave of new trainers in the Kanto region and with her being the Cerulean City gym leader she would expect a slew of new challengers soon enough. And because he is the Grand Champion Ash was fully ready to face an increase of challengers for his title.
They knew their time together over the next several months would pale in comparison with the time they spent together over the winter, but they were determined to not let their time apart affect them. They would cherish the moments with each other when they arrived.
This day would be no different. It was a beautiful sunny day with nary a cloud in the sky and Misty did no
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 5 0
Pokeshipping Week 2016 Day 2
Pokèshipping Week 2016
Day 2: Their First Kiss

"Oh, Ash, I'm so proud of you!" said an excited Delia, "You're actually going on a date with Misty."
"Mom...." replied a visibly embarrassed Ash.
He called his mother via the videophone as soon as he made it to the Pokèmon Center after spending a few hours exploring the city, he figured she should hear the news. He watched her as it appeared she was welling up with tears of joy.
"Mom," complained the man, "Why are you acting like that?"
Delia brushed a loose gray hair behind her ear, then wiped her eyes before explaining, "Ash, this is your very first date and I'm happy you decided to have it with Misty. You're no longer my little boy."
Ash looked at his mother when she said that and looked at her hair. There was one streak of gray behind her right ear and many of her roots were showing their age as well. He even took notice of the lines in his mother's face. All in all the years hadn't been good to her.
Ash sighed, "You d
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 6 1
Pokeshipping Week 2016 Day 3
Pokèshipping Week 2016
Day 3: Not Your Normal Couple's Life

It has been 6 months since that first date and though Ash and Misty haven't spent a lot of time together, they managed to sneak in a few more dates into their schedules. They have gone to a couple movies together and been able to eat out several times.
The hardest part for them dating at the beginning was avoiding the press. Both wanted to keep their relationship a secret for as long as possible, but it was proving to be very difficult.
Like Ash had predicted, the photo of their kiss after the first date ended up on the front page of the largest tabloid paper in Cerulean City. And even after denying said date ever happened the paparazzi continued to hound the two of them. It looked like they had finally gotten the big scoop on the Grand Champion they had been waiting on.
Then after a month the tide of photographers slowly dwindled. They were unable to snag another picture of the couple together to further the story
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 4 0
Pokeshipping Week 2016 Day 1
Pokèshipping Week 2016
Day 1: Achieving Their Dreams

Cerulean City. It had been quite some time since Ash and Pikachu last visited, but on this day the pair found themselves close by and with some free time. So the two of them decided to spend it with someone special.
They made their way through the city, taking in how much things had changed. So many different businesses and shops. Ash definitely made a mental note to check some of them out the next time he was in town. For now, the man was on a mission.
It didn't take him and his companion long to reach their destination: The Cerulean Bay Bridge. The bridge was located at the mouth of the bay, connecting one side to the other. Ash figured this would be the perfect spot to have a reunion with an old friend.
He and Pikachu strolled along, watching the other people crossing the bridge at a faster pace than them. No one really took notice of the pair.
The calls of Wingulls caught his attention and Ash looked skyward, seeing t
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 5 0
Misty Waterflower by NeonSpiritStar Misty Waterflower :iconneonspiritstar:NeonSpiritStar 5 2 Another PokeShipping moment by quincyjazimar13 Another PokeShipping moment :iconquincyjazimar13:quincyjazimar13 32 0 Pokeshipping moment by quincyjazimar13 Pokeshipping moment :iconquincyjazimar13:quincyjazimar13 29 0
Love is a Battlefield Part 2
Love is a Battlefield Part 2
By: Ranmano1fan
The second round went quicker than the first, with there only being 4 battles instead of 8, so it didn't take long before Ash and Misty were to be back out on the field for the semifinals. They were anxious to get the battle out of the way so they could prepare for Dan and Patty in the finals. They had watched the engaged couple's last battle and knew they'd be in for a hard time. Their battle style was like a perfectly executed dance, each move complimented the other so well and the pokèmon reflected their trainers too, graciously attacking and defending with ease. After they had won and answered their question, the two older trainers walked back to the locker room and passed by Ash and Misty, and though they acted like they didn't see them, the way they spoke; saying this tournament will be easier than last year; certainly didn't go unnoticed by the younger pair.
"What a battle! Patty and Dan had complete control fr
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 16 55
Love is a Battlefield Part 1
Love is a Battlefield Part 1
By: Ranmano1fan
Ash, Misty and Brock, along with Pikachu and Togepi, found themselves in a busy little town while traveling their way through the Johto region. They looked at their surroundings, confused by the red, white and pink streamers that were hung from tree to tree that lined the streets.
"What's going on?" wondered Ash.
Brock opened up his guidebook and read aloud, "Looks like we've stumbled onto this town's Valentine's Day festival. It seems to be very popular because this town was founded by a couple on this day a long time ago."
"I guess we've been traveling so much we forgot what day it was," said Misty, looking at a store window display of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and she blushed at the thought of someone special giving her one of those boxes.
The residents seemed to be more cheerful than was necessary, as if there was a loving aura that was blanketing the town. The group was only passing through and they weren't reall
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 22 13
AaML - Say Cheese
Say Cheese!
By Ranmano1fan
For: HollyLu
"Hey, Ash, look!" said Misty, pointing at something she found interesting.
The boy looked over and after a few seconds he asked, "What is it?"
"It's a photo booth, silly," she told him, "People get inside and have their picture taken."
Just as she finished explaining, the two of them watched a couple go inside it. Ash stared with curiosity at it as the inside of the booth flashed 4 times with a bright light. Then he saw a long slip of something fall out into a tray and then saw the pair come out of the booth and take what had come out.
"That's the pictures it just took, they're small like that so you can carry them around in a wallet or a purse," she added before her friend could ask.
When the couple left after looking at the pictures and laughing, Misty saw that no one else was going in.
She grabbed Ash's hand and pulled him towards it, "Come on, let's get our picture taken together."
Ash instinctively pulled back, "You can't be serious."
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 22 19
A Sweet Treat
A Sweet Treat
By: Ranmano1fan

“It’s nice that your mom invited me to come along with you guys to the beach,” said Misty, sitting on a towel near the rushing waves of water.
She was looking out at the water, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze passing by.
Ash however did not answer, his mind had been on something else ever since Misty came out of the changing room dressed as she was. She sat there in a yellow bikini, covered by a pair of jean shorts and a white and blue striped tank top that was tied off in a knot at the one side of her stomach. It was revealing enough while also leaving much to the imagination. Then of course there was her hair, he always liked it when she had it in that off center ponytail, even more so with it being longer than when they first met.
The outfit made the teenager wonder just how his friend looked without the outer layer on. And when he thought about it he couldn’t hide the red in his face.
Misty turned to
:iconranmano1fan:Ranmano1fan 23 13
Mature content
FNUTEOT Episode 6: This Moment With You :iconcumulonimbus-b:Cumulonimbus-B 11 18
Hollylu Birfday thing- Pokeshipping- Gift by donnatron Hollylu Birfday thing- Pokeshipping- Gift :icondonnatron:donnatron 14 4 Thanks to everybody by Fleur-Noir Thanks to everybody :iconfleur-noir:Fleur-Noir 87 12 Pokemon - Misty colored by sdejanip Pokemon - Misty colored :iconsdejanip:sdejanip 91 10
This is the favorites section. This stuff we faved because we liked it and it was not yet contributed to the group:)


We will host a halloween contest here at the Pokeshippers, but not just an ordinary halloween themed contest - something more restricted like a sub-theme, as MirakuruNaito suggested.

Here is her original idea:

"maybe there should be a few restrictions or themes present? Like setting the contest to a song commonly associated with Halloween or making the theme into something like the common things that are done on Halloween rather than simple just dressing up (trick or treating, bobbing for apples, Dia de los Muertos, whatever)."

This to prevent just "normal" halloween pics where the characters are just dressing up, and instead get a twist t the whole thing if you know what I mean.

So, comment with suggestions on what sub-theme you would like :)
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